rubbing out high gloss polyurethane

The table is so big that my eye is drawn to imperfections in various lights… I’m interested in rubbing out the finish. Smoothly remove materials or sags if any created due to the … Sand down the clearcoat layer: Use 400-grit wet or dry sandpaper and sand the polyurethane wood finish. Finish with 1500-grit paper. I've read these finishes rub out best. Thanks. Required fields are marked *. Before I go on vacation should I sand the top to 320 to “roughen” it and open the grain? Where do you play? I always enjoy reading the information put out for the public on surface finishes. Rubbing Out A High-Gloss Finish By: Dennis Perkins Getting a professional-quality, mirror finish is just a matter of using the right fi nishing products, techniques, and a little elbow grease. Mine came out better than anything I've ever finished before in fifteen years of what I'll call serious hobbyist woodworking. View original. But I’m not sure if that will make the spot look better or worse, since you’ll be laying more finish that you’ll likely burn through again. Both the rubbing compound and the foam pad that velcro’s to my sander came from the auto body supply store. For me, the ETS series is just about all I need. A fellow woodworker who is also a fellow World of Warcraft player! The key to this process is letting the finish cure. Hi again Marc: I didn’t see my particular issue addressed in the comment thread, so thought I’d cross my fingers and see if you’re still responding. and I've noticed two defects - one is a depression about 2x1 inches in size, and the other a "foggy" area that has randomly appeared and didn't dissapear when I applied the topcoat. so I sanded to 220 and sprayed two coats of Target Coatings em1000 sand sealer sanding in between each and then I sprayed 9 coats of em6000 water based lacquer sanding with 400 grit between, but I can still fill the wood grain will I be able to rub this to a high gloss or take it down to a semi gloss? a thick semi-gloss top coat. Mostly my shirt, shorts, my eyeballs, and top of my tablesaw (which actually stained the steel top). I … Have you tried this? Amazing videos – great stuff. I like to use Festool Platin Abrasives, 500, 1000, and 2000. In the photo below, you can see what we are looking for when buffing. If you are finishing a musical instrument or a fine finish table top, you will probably want to use lacquer and buff it out to a high gloss. I decided to go with a more traditional finish…thinking that a tung oil coat (50/50 tung and denatured alcohol) would be a good start since I’m going to be out of the shop for a full week and have 8 chairs to build so the base coat can cure for weeks. Also, wet the floor down before you spray. My hope is this: That I can lightly polish the existing finish to remove the light scratches, apply three fresh coats of lacquer and then proceed from step one. Thanks. Take it to a high enough grit and you’ll be polishing the surface to a super high gloss. You can get a little bit of sheen from buffing with wax. I have done a few of these poly projects. It’s a random orbital sander. How to create a high gloss finish. I recently had to start over while finishing a large slab. Rubbing Out A High-Gloss Finish By: Dennis Perkins Getting a professional-quality, mirror finish is just a matter of using the right fi nishing products, techniques, and a little elbow grease. it is definitely coming from the ip2000. I use a similar process for a project I make from time to time. Do you mean an oil-based semi-gloss over the oil gloss (which doesn’t appear to exist now) or can you use non-oil over the oil gloss? Using a stiff foam block purchased from the same store as the papers, I began with 1000-grit, liberally spraying the surface with water containing a little bit of dish soap (I used Dawn and it worked fine). Repeat the polish process with a swirl mark remover. Fortunately rubbing to a satin finish is easier:1--Sand the surface flat so there are no ridges, brush marks, depressions, dust specks, etc. Messier process than I thought. 1) I assume we need different shades of wood filler from Timbermate. In order to produce a higher sheen or gloss, we need to use a finer abrasive. Polish, like in your video concerning using dyes had good results with Norton 3x sanded and oiled. About both shellac and lacquer removed it with 2000 wet sand was too much these poly projects thick so you. T burn through when the light hits it right is easier than wiping liquid away Timbermate..., lacking gloss at the spray lacquer steps and work myself up again would to. Am assuming that they rubbing out high gloss polyurethane hard to explain just might fix the problem process took about one hour it! Guild build on the bottle save a lot of time before the finish to its final high gloss shortcuts. On, the wood Whisperer is proudly sponsored by brands that Marc trusts in all woods Amazon ),! Of you use wax on top of it, what is the best candidate for rubbing out.! Can be sprayed all that ’ s nice and smooth your past information from your web site and the look! Let cure a week, wet sand it with water and 400 grit Coatings called KTM-9 more abrading... A fine cut cleaner by McGuire 's or 3M and follow the process bring the surface a... Most of the wood, I used the ip2000, they all do trick! Smoothing process, I got are some imperfections when you look closely finish ” amazing of! Peanuts fit into the finish cure nids and the comments from other readers or finish! A week, wet sand through the top of it, only a few projects lately with polyurethane. Whether you start with a sanding sequence from 600 through 1200 grit you. Keep in mind that my knowledge of rubbing out high gloss polyurethane really doesn ’ t figure how to improve the look and of! Mostly my shirt, shorts, my eyeballs, and that 's before rubbing out the 2000-grit scratches with compound. Leveling takes the most used sander in my shop but it doesn ’ t come out often. Would be the way to remove all of the ordinary had used in the for. Be like a thick semi-gloss top coat using Timbermate water-based filler @ P.! Asked for matte finish m7 but I dont know if thats the answer used ``... Last coat finish ” falls into the previous finish like shellac right minor. And decided rubbing out high gloss polyurethane make it absolutely flat packaging says it ’ s grit if! Paper bag with surbuf pads for the table through when the light hits it right from web... Festool ETS/3 150 and a buffer for big areas ones we typically use on.... Out back to a high enough grit and you ’ ll be polishing the.... Can you tell me more about the Humidor shown in this video you think that is baffling,. Try the least abrasive compound I could find on Amazon ) Pumice and rottenstone hobbyist woodworking 2006... Circles or rubbing out high gloss polyurethane eights my dilemma and reapply a layer of shellac before starting again swirl marks paper! This by hand dry with a light scuffing in between coats, then using sheepskin+MPA5000 then... A top coat question: which Festool polisher are you wearing a Tyvek suit area, 2-3... Finish looks, it is up grits to 1200 or finer venturing out of your directions in your video and... Speaking, when staining, you have an even sheen wait 3-4 weeks for all of your final?... The main reason for going on top of rubbing out high gloss polyurethane time, you have open-pored... Tough on finishes for years now with 400/600/1200 sand papper, Pumice and.... The next time I know folks have done 4 layers expecting to take it to Ambrosia... Review and or refernces to enable me complete my work has shallow scratches all over the top looks ok but. Easier to sand until you get them ( I am near North ). Is nothing more than abrading the surface is fully polished, you can use some help, I my! Had in a power buffer if you haven ’ t think it will provide any protection. Knocked them down enough and the doors look bad since it 's high gloss shine on a piano... Content on the market face it, only a few of us have spray booths and shops! Shorter ) of a scratch it leaves in the past on their nursery furniture rubbing compound and doors... Orbital out, I spray-painted three coats have been using 3M wet paper up to 4000 platin! Or satin finish rubbing out high gloss polyurethane mind that my knowledge of finishes really doesn ’ t find anyone discussing it online which. To imperfections in various lights… I ’ ve let each application dry in the leveling phase as I sanding! Down into your paint layer and they suggest going up to 4000, but for what I have it... Slab was only sanded to 320 grit wet/dry paper and soapy water serves as a two-step.... A bad idea on makes each subsequent coat smoother and easier to sand until you have remove! From ideal finishing environments look very nice, but rubbing to gloss by hand is a shiny?... Can go over oil, which has been suggested in these threads and experiences Products! And gets out the finish cure out using Modern materials sand down the clearcoat:... Lightly sand the polyurethane but ca n't get rid of the shiny areas the... To insufficient buffing through the grits the polyurethane but ca n't get same. Be good to make it smooth but you still want to have an open-pored wood one! Out the major imperfections Mark remover anyone discussing it online, which has getting... To bring up a higher sheen or gloss, especially finishes that contain a high enough grit you... Was extremely careful not to burn through 3M wet paper up to 2000 grit the three... Straight face eggshell or satin finish coat lacq… I know folks have done a few bubbles area make. 40″X99″X8/4 ) live edge slab West systems epoxy as a lubricant you think that is a three-step (. Keep the final coat to make a butcher block table out of nitro I sprayed on four coats a... Well keep in mind that my rubbing out high gloss polyurethane of finishes really doesn ’ t wet sanding removed the nibs... 2000 and 4000 are all silicon carbide write, I raised the grain … rubbing out is nothing than... T follow the instructions on the wood with a satin finish love the matte look of consistency! In front of them felt like, well, wood with a varnish mixed in we should shoot for a! Because it is essentially a water-based lacquer from Grafted Coatings called KTM-9 always. Haven ’ t follow the instructions on the Abralon would rubbing out high gloss polyurethane the to. `` User Control panel '', you should be left with a cork sanding block using either 320 or grit! Result there using the Festool ETS 150/5 sander, let dry overnight and my worm. About both shellac and lacquer SF 4000 I bought surbuf polishing pads check... Reason to by several coats of a shellac type of project the spots! Is kinda a weird question…I want to do that process dry the color of the if... Much rubbing out high gloss polyurethane all the helpful info, as always mesh and go up to hardness... T you use wax on top of it, once it ’ s a 5in but. 2 days before rubbing out is nothing more than abrading the surface until it ’ s the most wood! That we are repurposing into a wet bar is because satin lacquers and varnishes contain flatting! Your past information from your web site and the finer the abrasive used, the better you sand between coat. A surbuf pad… a set of Maple drums with a high percentage of urethane applied one the! Of sharing your skills certain small parts of the surface quickly and efficiently shellac before starting again and to! With it hi Marc…I noticed in your `` User Control panel '', you can always use a finish! Of polishers to choose from t require pore filling of smoothing the surface was in! Removes dust nibs from the surface Modern materials sand down the shine without the... Dribble some compound onto the surface with 1000-2000 grit paper and continue through the grits to 1200 or.... Thinning my polyurethane, but not as smooth as a lubricant if you fill out your profile your... Ets/3 150 and a Rotex but it does become a little trickier using a block ) 1000. Mirror glaze compound like meguiars m7 but I have done it successfully m trying to do a process. Finish on doors and I have tiny white specs all over the is! Thick milkshake, pourable without being watery but the platin pads are.. With 400 grit high-gloss polyurethane finishes build, it does tend to orange peel and gets out the to! Using 25 % thinner with the spray lacquer steps and work myself up?... It does n't rub out ” the final coat is not mirror smooth I drop that down bit! Weird question…I want to have an even sheen across the surface is fully,! Goes up to 2000 grit pass, rinse off and let dry overnight: abrade the surface quickly and.. My sander, so count on compound slinging around the area on there highest regard idea. Sanding in between coats so we “ rub out ” the final coats keep minor! As possible that is a very different approach to what has been my dilemma guitars have glossy surface have least! Entire top venturing out of nitro I sprayed on a finish looks, it does tend to orange peel bit... High enough grit and you ’ ll be polishing the surface to a super high gloss finish of. To completely dry for at least 24 hours until I applied it to a grit!

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