Iraq and Afghanistan War Veterans: Common Disabilities Awareness

Hey Americans, Do You Know An Iraq or Afghanistan War Veteran?

Common Disabilities Faced by Iraq and Afghanistan War Veterans**

This partial list is by no means a compilation of all disabilities. We are presenting this list of common disabilities to increase awareness for veterans, as well as families and friends of those that have served in these combat zones. Our hopes are that understanding and awareness of these disabilities will lead to help being sought out and better understandings of what these veterans may be facing in their post service lives.









Does this sound like someone you know?

You can seek answers and help for these issues and any other veteran questions at any of the resources listed on page three of this Veterans Chronicle. You will find resources that you can visit, call or contact online. Information is always available on VA.Gov and by contacting a Veteran Service Officer.

**Sections of the above information are from the George Sink Law Firm website at “”