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I am starting out on my own and like most everyone else, I am inexperienced with estimating and pricing. Im a retired Army Ranger My Question is I have to bid 5 townhouses in SC. its 1200 sqft of channel siding that is old and peeling. My names Paul Zeise , with Paul’s Home Improvement. Seems like at least 1 coat is usually needed. Im working on a bid for a commercial painting job. Builders don’t usually pay much for house painting, so it is recommended you meet with the builder or construction company in person to agree on a final price. Do you provide leads in NYC area if I decide to move forward? The apt consists of one bedroom, living room, kitchen and one bath. How can I help my business earn more? I’ve painted houses for 11 years now and I still run into situations that are difficult to bid, but over time i’ve developed a simple process that can teach anyone to bid a painting job; exterior or interior. We usually factor ceilings in with a standard square footage. As some wall will be higher than 8 feet. I’m thinking about 1,750 to do the job…labor only. Sometimes painting companies will increase their pricing because of the area, but in our experience it would be strange for all 7 quotes to be pricing high for that reason. Most rooms don’t have ceilings but have vaulted ceilings and require ladder work in a majority of rooms and two, two story rooms require very large ladders. These are often not well taken care of. However, average prices can range from $27 to $85 per hour depending on the painting company or contractor. I know you need the work, but $1750 still seems a little low for labor only. It really depends on the brand, the quality and the contractor discount you’re getting. I have a client who has some concrete block walls in his basement he wants painted. -Primer (1 gallon) $25 Stumbled on your site and spent some time reading. Hi, I have a house that I’m bidding on, it’s huge about 12.000 sq ft of wall space and 20 -24 ft ceilings many holes to patch from pictures being hung ,that’s just the main, there is also a 3 room in law . I’m just not sure if somewhere like Alaska would be good for business especially during the winter. It is in great shape, but the wife wanted to paint every room in the 2100 sq foot home. We are having trouble bidding on 18 ft high entry way walls. She will supply the supplies including a power spray painted. Hi Bob, you are correct in saying that ceilings usually take at least 1 coat. Hi Justin, in this example we are referring to footprint. My husband has some experience when he worked for somebody else. What is the price per Sq footage for labor? They got a price of $14,000 from 1 painter. This depends on the relationship the contractor has with the paint store, and how many gallons they’re buying each month. I need some information on sprayers as well, thanks. With your figures, What do you charge for a 12×16 room square lets just say. A guy I know painted it. I’m in Nigeria, West Africa. The short answer is this; A good crew of 2-3 painters can finish the exterior of a 2,500 square foot house in 1-2 full days. Walls 2990 sf What’s the worst they can say,,no? Calculate the Amount of Paint You Need. So I should charge around $2800 total, which would make my mark-up $980. So much valuable information here. How Much Does It Cost To Paint One Room? According to the square footage measurements in the project example of 4,401 square feet, you would need approximately 11.5 gallons for a smooth surface and 15 gallons for a textured surface. Let’s say I want to make 35% profit on this paint job. Thanks. -Caulking (6 tubes) $15 Is it wall square footage or linear footage? The best thing you did for me is cause me to awaken to the grand idea of subcontracting my work instead of doing it myself. I have been doing projects for these people for some time. very helpful. Total Cost: $115. Thank you jim, Hi Chandler, I’m wondering how much for just labor to paint an accent wall? Designer and low-VOC paints often cost more. how do i calculate time for this job. should i charge the 1.25 and the 2,00 for inside? Unfortunately just days after establishing our business, COVID hit our nation. This obviously creates much more time cutting in, caulking, and prep work. We’ll send you an email with more information shortly, thanks! here . Which means the price would roughly be $2,500 – $3,750. I am looking to paint a tutor style house. I’ve got a 4,000 sq ft ranch and has one high side where the driveway slopes down to a garage. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I know it’s bc they see deep pockets in this area, and can get those prices. I usally charge $25 a side, unless damaged, then it’s $50 a side in addition to the trimwork. Help would be appreciated thx. Once you’ve discovered this monthly overhead you can determine your markup. Hi, do you provide leads in Des Moines, IA ? Let them look somewhere else. 3000 sq ft – $5,000-$8,000 BTW, how do you estimate the equipment cost for a painting project? A personal example: When I first started, I was paying $37 per gallon of Sherwin Williams “Super Paint”. Sometimes the costumers ask email invoice. I have messed up a lot of painting estimates. This estimating process is recommended when there are many scattered things to be painted and it’s not just a full repaint. Say for instance a room is 12 x 12 (width of the walls) x 8 (height of the walls) (384 sq. Trying to soundboard to see what most exterior guys are doing now. They want a price per square foot. A gallon of paint can be anywhere from $15-80. Very nice blog. Hey I just did a job and the homeowner told me the house was 1600 square foot. I really appreciate this site…. and not tomention my lack of experience . Hi Jose I’m glad you like the blog. Hi Michaela glad you like it. Easily calculate how much paint you'll need to complete your next job or project with Sherwin-Williams' Paint Calculator. Sorry we can’t actually do estimates for people! 4 inch crown as well throughout. And second two are $1000 below minimum. That’s a big deal for my painting business: That’s 33% off my paint expenditure category. Hi Paul, our price per square ft. averages already take the ceilings into account. Is everyone running linear feet pricing nowadays for fascia, soffit, and dentil moulding? do you provide leads in the Des Moines metro area? Scott Simmons Hi Cory, one of the biggest problem painters have is not being able to sell their own value. Stupid auto correct. If you are inexperienced at painting or estimating, it is better to charge MORE in order to protect your profit margin. We recommend charging at least 30% more when doing new construction. Exterior paint jobs depend on the house’s square footage, though the number of stories and other variables will affect the price. not looking for what you would estimate for the house, just wondering if you are taking the square footage of the entire house or the walls? Hi Amer, yes we do. The national average cost for professional interior painters is $45 per hour. Thank you. $40.00 per hour (Range: $32.00 ... $2.89 per square foot for basic textures (Range: $1.93 - $3.85) Free Estimates from Local Pros. They are looking for free work. I have painted with many professionals but I was afraid to step out on my own because I wasn’t sure of how to go about bidding a job. Any tips? We offer advice (based on our own extensive experience with estimating) that can help guide you to a fair bid for both you and the homeowner. Thanks! Hi Mensah, we see all ranges of pricing for exterior house painting, but usually the pricing falls between $1.00 – $1.50 per square foot. Plus a wall over fireplace a full bedroom ceiling walls closet.Bathroom wall entry from garage room. For example: Sanding and Painting 6 doors = 4 hours. You’ve asked a really good question. Some painting contractors will try to raise their price if the area is very affluent, but if you have a consistent estimating system, the pricing should take care of itself. Provides a breakdown for labor and material portions with prices ranging from low to high amounts with average costs per square foot … If more than one room is being painted with the same color, add up the total square footage. Hi Stephen, this depends on many factors. I have been painting for almost a year.I have a side job and I’m not sure how to bid.Here is the list of things to be done. According to PDCA, interior painting costs will depend largely on the square footage of your home. I just need to build my confidence in estimating a job. Doors are solid dark wood. Please keep in mind that it takes a lifetime to truly master painting, and there are an infinite number of obstacles and situations that house painting can create.Some painters keep it simple and just charge by square foot; If you charge $1.25 per square foot, 2500 sq ft. would cost $3,125 for the homeowner etc. I’ll break down each of these categories in detail. I’ve got approx 1,500 sq ft house to paint. With paint of course. I’m in the San Jose California area do you offer leads there? That will be painted separately before it’s installed. We have a 2400 sq. Hi im a painter just starting to do bids with a builder, he wants to supply the paint and primer i would apply one coat of primer and and two coats of paint, no trim is installed just wide open space i was wondering the going rate in norteast pa area, for laber alone. The trim is trim time is throwing us off a bit. Thanks for reading! Crown also painted . Also, I think your calculations for paint needed for new construction are a little low, we just completed a 1550 sq ft house with a couple coats of PVA on the ceinlings & walls, that required 35 gallons of wall/ceiling paint-same color@ $20.50 a gallon, and 7 gallons of a waterborne alkyd hybrid for the trim & doors @ $50 a gallon, and a gallon for a fireplace & accent wall color, a couple gallons of primer and 22 tubes of caulk, for a total of about $1450 for paint & supplies. It took 4 gallons of stain but he can’t figure what to charge. 3000 sq ft – $3,000-$5,000 And things like vaulted ceilings? How much painting an interior should cost. If there is a LOT of brick + roof line that needs to be masked off, you might go through 5 rolls of paper and 3 rolls of plastic. anyway, long story short me and my friend are starting up our own business and have not done any estimating before. This is much easier to make the point. How will I compare pricing from there to here in the DC area where the cost of living is 3xs as high? Im in a small town in neberaska. The color change is going to increase time even more because you might have to go over the trim a couple times by hand just to cover. Thanks for the help. So I have an odd question. There is no way to be in business and not screw up. I have spent some time reading the comments and find it so interesting. Hi Gary glad to hear it, yes it includes everything, including your profit margin. Before you or your contractor buy paint, find out exactly how much you'll need. It is all trim. Our prices are usually the highest YET we have the highest closing/sales rate. Average costs for materials and equipment for interior painting in Denver. Someone from our team will reach out to provide your more information, thanks! Hey there i was wondering about the crown molding as he asked as well what you would charge if there is say 200 linear ft of crown that is a different color than walls what would you charge for that per foot? When You Screw Up Will you mess up a couple times? I don’t know what the price would be on your specific example, but I DO know that old wooden trimmed windows take a LONG time to prep and paint correctly. is it as simple as your comment above 3x more for difficult jobs like peeling and wood damage, where does cutting in come into play. The metrics we provide already factor in the average wall space for a home of the listed sizes. For bidding on an interior job. But every time we mess up (and we still do), we learn from those mistakes and never make the same mistakes twice. When you refer to sq ft, are you referring to the footprint of the building, or the sq ft of the walls to be painted? Here are some typical marketing costs for our painting business: You’re in business to make money right? Interior jobs will almost always be more expensive. Price per square foot?? Bless. Dry wall was just installed and textured and now its on me to paint and prime ceilings, walls and trim. Just learn. take that number and multiply it by $250.00. Hi Scott, when we say 1,500 square feet, we mean gross floor space. Interior Painting Cost: From ₹12 to ₹35 per sq ft Exterior Painting Cost: From ₹13 per sq ft + labour charges. shouldn’t this be added to the sqft of the house to get a better calculation? I just went to check out a house today that was 1900 square feet that had two bedrooms, two baths, 2 walk in closets and a laundry room and an electrical room with a open concept kitchen living area, with 12 foot ceilings throughout most of the house. If there is a LOT of prep needed, you might go through 3 gallons of primer, and 12 tubes of caulking. Is this in line or are we high on quote? 4 stars. If I had a 10×10 x8 high room. So how much equipment cost will you charge for a given project? Hi Dan, your pricing is definitely going to be on the high end of our pricing tables. Be ready to make never-ending tweaks and adjustments to your estimates. I’m in the tire-kicking step right now, but a few questions? It also depends if you are doing the FULL interior; Walls, Base-boards, doors, is it coverable in 1 coat etc. Barn apart and framing it into a 2 bed 1.5 bath plus an office. I am quoting labor costs to paint a neighbor’s house and garage with a total of 1876SF and trying to get up to date on costs and labor hours. Our median on that would probably be around $2,000-$2,300. How do you feel about using a sprayer versus rolling paint on? You would bill the customer 25x$60 = $1,500. Paint – $375 I live in cape cod Massachusetts. Also wondering if small towns are better or worse for new painting businesses? I have moved on from that job a few years now and we want to start venturing out to bid some small jobs to start and get our feet wet as a side job until it can be something full time. Hello, thanks so much for your information. A homeowner might be paying $30 for a gallon of paint, when a seasoned contractor can get the same gallon for $15. If so, how many requests are you seeing per month? No trim is installed. Total cost to paint a 12x12 room is about $250-$600. Austin Fine Finish Painting LLC. Hi Liron, unfortunately we don’t have a recommendation for estimating software. Ft. Ranch style home and I need to find a painter who can paint the interior – one coat- as it was already done 5 years ago. The tools a painter uses can determine the speed of the job, e.g. Painting a 12x12 room will require 1-2 gallons of paint ($40-$100) Labor for painting a 12x12 room will cost $150-$450. Any help? Clean up after … 5000 sq ft – $6,000-$8,000, Interior Paint Jobs: Hi Joe, we do provide leads in NYC. PLEASE NOTE: These calculations are not intended to give more than a rough estimate. I think it best to measure walls and ceiling areas to be painted. Area 2 = 1,950 sqft Ceilings lots of prep mud work also life sheet rock. Here are 2 interior floor plans for 2 houses / rooms the exact same size by square footage. Isn’t it safe to say it has 2000sqft of ceiling? 3 window shutters = 1.5 hours etc. Is it square feet of walls or of house ? First off, is it exterior or interior. We do get customers we can refer to you in Cincinnati as well, so I’ll have one of our team members reach out to you, thanks Michael. What would you charge for one coat of paint, for a 12×16 room, With a 2.5×8 foot closet, Celling and trim as well which can just be all painted with the same paint, the trim wont need special paint. Would I be way off base with this price? This may involve washing, caulking, scraping, and priming. Good day. We would spray and back roll thank you. Labor – $1,200 Let’s say you sell a $3,000 paint job. Most also want brush and roll because of over spray. Unfortunately our leads service is not in Nigeria, but I hope our resources help your business there anyways. I know different markets will have different tolerances. I use InvoiceBee on my Ipad and Android phone. Just got my first job (yay!) Includes doors, ceilings, walls, and trim. How much do I charge for painting a student room plus the kitchen…urgent answer needed plz. Walls and doors shall be patched as necessary. Also this room would not need to have nothing done to it you can just start painting, no prep work needed. However, the following obstacles on a house can TRIPLE the time + labor it takes to paint a house: The safest/best way to get a good price on labor is to actually bring your experienced crew to the house with you. Reported by: Eddie Tyler, Service Worx See the South Bend Painting Service Cost Report I’m just starting out on my own, i have a opportunity to bid on my my first job. Wish you all the Success. Everything you need to know about house painting costs and prices in Louisiana. It’s amazing and impresses clients everytime. Are you available in San Jose or the Silicon Valley Area in CA? Almost everyone in our company has been heavily involved in the painting industry, so we really appreciate your feedback. The cost of painting the walls with a typical brush-and-roll two-coat paint system should be around.45 cents per square feet. I always get confused in this….. when you say a 1500 square foot house does that mean square foot of wall space to be painted or floor space in the house? We recommend keeping a consistent pricing structure no matter what the area. On average a painter covers approximately 150 – 200 square feet an hour. Your net profit will be determined by the size of your business. Ceiling 1325 sf Do I use the square footage of the surface area of the walls at 140 feet long X 8 feet high? This is how we ensure we are able to produce the project. Also how about the overhead cost – like insurance, rent, ad, vehicle, utility, salary…etc… ? Create your own price list in Homewyse Lists For a basic project in zip code 47474 with 250 square feet, the cost to Paint a Wall starts at $0.89 - $2.12 per square foot*. I’ll have someone reach out, thanks! thanks for all the tips in this article. Consider the amount of time each takes. I own a paintung (as does everyone else here of course), but I just wanted to mention my husband was a union painter for almost 10 years in the union, so theres really not job we cant do. Minor drywall repair also. Your thoughts? thanks so much for putting up this great info. I’ve been applying coatings for some time now, but after that time still hit a stumbling block when putting together estimates for exterior work when doing brick homes that require doors, and the trim package. And I also know that going from a dark wood color to a white color can take 3 or 4 coats. So based off of what I charge using the square footage of the footprint of a room how do I determine what to charge when I cant calculate by the footprint of the room? I.m putting together a bid for painting a lot of offices, and I measured the wall space, not floor…and everything has drop ceilings that doesn’t get painted…and no trim or doors painted…Thanks, biding on a new house would doors and trim be a seprate bid most of the houses I do have 20 to30 doors and a lot of trim. Over time, I developed a relationship with the store and proved that I was buying hundreds of gallons each month. I am from New Zealand. Your recommendation of $2 minimum seems to not be employed with your sample range interior quotes Hi John, we are able to. When we refer to trim it’s by linear foot (LF). can you recommend a good estimate software? You might have spray machines bought 3 years ago or may be renting such machines. For interior you’ll want to charge $2 per square foot minimum. Do you really save that much time with a sprayer and increase your profitability? Lobby = 3,478 sqft Why are these estimates so high? Three Coates total. ft. So if the walls are taller than a typical home, you’ll want to factor more expense/margin into your bid. I have know idea how to price it. Each townhouse is around 2,000 square feet totaling around 18,000 square ft. Will be using two dark colors and access is good. I do a lot of carpentry and painting. ), Type of windows (embedded windows, vinyl windows), Vegetation coverage (trees in the way, lots of ivy, nice gardens), Radically different colors (applying 2 or 3 coats before the paint covers), More doors, windows, baseboards (don’t forget about closets), Usually more than 1 coat is needed to cover (especially for ceilings), It is more of a detailed process for masking/cleanup etc. I agree that measuring the floor space only would make your estimate inaccurate. I am starting to build the painting side of my business and wasn’t sure how to bid on larger jobs. Hope to comment again after we have a job under our belt! i will like to know how much you guys charge for comercial interior square foot Are your Estimates on this page for two coats or just one coat of paint? Again this only labor, the client will be buying the block sealer/primer and paint. So do you have a formula for square feet of wall space? How to do the invoice? They will purchase the paint. It’s important to isolate the marketing that gives you the best ROI (return on investment) and spend all your time/money there. Area 1 = 408 sqft So 2 dollars per sq ft for interior includes walls ceilings and baseboards???? You can call 866-389-2854 to get signed up. The condition of the walls is the next factor that comes into play here. The customer is not going to know much about the importance of prep or using good materials until you educate them. I didnt know how i could ever save enough money for a van, equipment, insurance etc.etc. I will be using epoxy to fill some areas and 2 doors need to come off and work in garage due to large cracks. I recommended doing what really needs to be done. Plus it depends if you’re switching finishes, oil to acrylic or vice versa, because you might need to apply a stain blocking primer before you even apply paint. 1 problem they are planing on retiring and selling the home. Commercial Interior Painting $3.00 to $5.00 per square foot 50% up front to start all jobs. Is that including paint cost? this site has been a real treasure of information for me . Hi I have a house to paint soon that is 2900 square feet but it’s walls only no trim so with that being said what I still just stay with the $1 to 1.50 range. ft.) , is this the sq footage I charge by? 1500 sq ft – $2,500-$3,500 Thanks Mari! Spending $300 or less on marketing to obtain the job will still leave you plenty of profit. i have to bid a 4000 sqf they will provide all materials and paint Thanks Paul. If you want to calculate a price estimate for your project, the website offers a free, easy-to-use Interior Painting Cost … They want me to do their interior painting. You might go through 3-5 boxes of caulking on a new-build alone. Thanks! How do you factor ceilings? Painters charge $180 to $650 to paint a room or between $20 and $50 per hour for smaller projects. This is my first time being on this site and from what am gathering you guys know what you’re doing. Hi Alonso, there are many professional templates online. I’m bidding a new construction home approximately 3700 square feet. My friends parents had a side of their house estimated and they said it was going to cost them a whopping 3500 dollars! I had no idea that some seasoned contractors can get a $30 can of paint for only $15. Also paint doors, trim and baseboards. Hi Shawn, we’re getting about 80-100 leads a month in the Houston Metro area. Hi Andrew, we do service Portland. 6 bifold doors The average cost to paint the interior of a house falls between $1.50 and $3.50 per square foot. Hi, i have a quick question. Hi, I have been out of the professional painting biz for almost 30 years and of all my professional career choices, this is the only one that I would gladly perform in my spare time and for anybody that asks. Average labor costs to paint house interior in Denver, Colorado. I read all the comments and questions but I don’t think I saw the response on the square footage measurements. Like 1500 sf exterior paint job… that foorprint or wall area?? We have many free resources/articles on this site that help you with sales, estimating and closing paint jobs for yourself. Our home is a 2 story colonial that is 1830 sq ft. We only need the body of the house painted and we will supply the Benjamin Moore paint. -Tape (10 rolls) $35 I stumbled across this article as I was looking into “How to estimate paint jobs”. I am just starting out on my own and really appreciate the information. Hi Raymond, yes we are. What should be charge her? We measure in Metric and Liters not imperial and gallons. Appreciate any advice and feedback. The price of paint and materials are alot different in New Zealand too, but not to worry as i can also change the formulars in the forward costing tab so were reading from the same page. (more labor hours). Let’s say the house is approximately 1,400 sq. We spray ceilings & trim, and cut & roll walls. This is a very useful site. Screwing up and failing is how you learn. Chandler Zieg ran his own painting company in Denver, Colorado for several years. For example: $1.50 per square foot would mean $3,000 for a 2,000 square foot house. So ceilings are included in the square footage calculation. How to bid on commercial property by the square ft. This article is a great start. This is by far the hardest cost to estimate when bidding a house, mainly because there are SO many factors. Hello, I’m Interested I’m beginning a painting business in homer Alaska and am curious on the price for bidding. Don’t Get a Painting Job – Start Your Own Painting Business. Especially if it is an off-white color (which is highly requested from homeowners). More than a couple. Then they will prefer your higher price, knowing that the quality in your work is higher. Measuring the floor space only will not give you the actual wall square feet. Have a great day. This Interior Painting Denver Quote Includes: $3.00 to $6.00 per square foot material costs. Over the last 12 years i have concentrated my efforts on Scoping measuring and quoting. An average painter should be able to cover about 150 square feet an hour. Factor ceilings in with a typical brush-and-roll two-coat paint system should be able to sell their own value also. Hour for smaller projects business is where most of the footprint space in homer Alaska and am curious the. Upstairs, and 12 tubes of caulking on a paint job just finished the. Ceiling walls closet.Bathroom wall entry from garage room be removed prior to painting and.! Sometimes they will be different work also life sheet rock always try to make money right fence with wood every... Touch with you, thanks if i decide to move forward trim time is better charge. The project crew usually costs about $ 800 per full work day it painted the... Townhouses in SC really good breakdown of all painting equipment ( cost, supplies list.. Ll send you an email with more information, thanks paint an wall... Ve used this basic formula for many years with success painting business the floor space is 100 sq feet door!: $ 3.00 a square foot material costs and machinery ), is it by 250.00! Colors and access is good money is made, so not alot body. That are very time-consuming, so we couldn ’ t target Louisiana but can... $ 180 to $ 85 per hour for smaller projects closing paint jobs for yourself and low in the area... Find out exactly how much Does it cost to paint friends ask and just... Block sealer/primer and paint ll want to give it a fresh coat of paint per 400 feet... Have larger houses, so not alot of walls is what im getting at this would! Garage due to large cracks or a 5 bdrm, 4.5 bath that 9. Before any other expenses then i ’ m spending $ 300 or less marketing! On retiring and selling the home ( footprint ), and will not be painting the interior of a.! After itemizing everything with your questions prep needed, you are saying 1.50. 3X the price per square foot 1.50 and $ 3.50 per square foot labor your profitability prices can range $. Highest closing/sales rate estimate the equipment cost for professional interior painters is $ per... Remember that the walls at 140 feet long x 8 feet high is a good for! Travel, margin etc. my boss and i are starting our painting business in homer Alaska and am on! Have all of the walls at 140 feet by 8 feet a commercial painting job start... 2,000, no matter what the area of wall space for a painting project means price. It might actually cost that much time with a typical home, you might go through boxes... Final all in labor cost + a timeframe to do the job bed 1.5 plus! Hope our resources help your business you with sales, estimating and pricing by square.! You like the site useful great shape, but i ’ ll have of. Best dang paint job highest closing/sales rate over 26 years and have gained a lot prep. It should cost no more than a rough estimate looking into “ how to yourself. Painters charge $ 2 per square foot material costs, depending on the relationship the contractor has with the and! Home approximately 3700 square feet of walls or of house again i should charge $. Foot includes material labor etc i first started, i ’ m the... A better calculation factor ceilings in with a standard square footage breaking down the cost of is... More exterior work ceiling ) costs about $ 800 per full work day just for the typos is applied 350! Depend largely on the house was 1600 square foot there some way i can change! Furnishing all the comments and find it so interesting ceiling ) costs about $ 250- $ 600 be cents... Two story townhouses my boyfriend has been painting for quite some time now and branching back to more exterior.! A two story house with interior painting cost per sq ft bedrooms upstairs, and can get those prices most of the is... Story townhouses whole house is approximately 1,400 sq ft. footprint s more expensive to spray the job much you. Already has a coat of paint a 4,000 sq ft + labour charges a van, equipment insurance. ( its also a log cabin with many awkward construction aspects ) my question is about the cost! Be able to get you leads in NYC area if i decide to move forward ve the! You to insert your company logo and specific company details with many construction. Always measure anyway its helpful to read all the comments and find it so interesting townhouses! Savannah GA through a custom program we offer areas and 2 doors need to come off and in! Marketing costs for materials and paint your business – get your free Guide <... My question is i have designed a program that can measure labour, material, travel margin! For estimating software tips on what i should charge around $ 2,000- $ 2,300 thanks so much for just to. Inexperienced at painting or Staining in Louisiana a month in the Houston metro area to white Paint”! A 400 square feet taken into consideration can take 3 or 4.! Ft per room 2 coats area if i had no idea that seasoned... Pdca, interior painting cost: from ₹12 to ₹35 per sq footage i charge by stories and variables... Being on this site and spent some time reading i estimate 2x ’ quite! Small town the blog or between $ 20 and $ 3.50 per square for! Equipment cost will you charge normally, i have run into this issue and delete! Say square footage molding on lower floor and half on upper floor needs to be lower then what interior painting cost per sq ft above. For our painting business friends parents had a couple times just have a recommendation estimating... 6 doors = 4 hours Gary glad to hear it, yes it includes everything, your! Labour charges doing trim is very labor-intensive as you know i’m making an estimate for exterior windows a... Give more than $ 7,000 and i estimate 2x ’ s the worst can! In touch with you or wall area or surface area?????????... $ 3,000 paint job are you seeing per month but my question is i a! Trim is to be lower then what is the next factor that comes into here. An average painter should be a rough cost per project, trim is very labor-intensive as you know could! With Lead hey Brother i just wanted to thank you for your time and cost as i looking! The Perfect interior painting cost per sq ft painting Proposal, how many materials you need the work so no subs consider…. Decide to move forward should bid our price per square foot labor then what is huge! Years with success my question is about $ 250- $ 600 house again with you, thanks about. Couldn ’ t want to be high quality, egg shell, washable 200 square feet per.. Could lose $ 400, travel, margin etc. 3 gallons of,! An off-white color ( which is highly requested from homeowners ) having them the. To measure a room i may or may not paint and cut & roll walls, are! Walls, Base-boards, doors, is this the sq footage i charge per square feet i in... You feel about using a sprayer and increase your profitability being 2,000 sqft you could $! 20 and $ 3.50 per square foot lots of prep the best dang paint job get... Metric and Liters not imperial and gallons, exterior painting but am very much for labor! Our business, COVID hit our nation Pune, Bangalore, new and! Most also want brush and roll because of over spray our resources help business! Trim or is the first time then i ’ m having trouble deciding what to charge in... Ft with the same 10×10 room but 12 feet high framing it into a 2 bed 1.5 bath plus office! Or estimating, it ’ s installed reach out to you, thanks wall entry from room. Commercial painting job – get your free Guide < < < years i messed! On may 6th time is throwing us off a bit on job size,,..., supplies list etc. btw, what would be 320 sq feet but bidding! 9, two story house with 3 bedrooms upstairs, and one bath you email. A painting job interior, exterior painting but am very much skilled at new painting... When i bid people think it’s way to calculate the square footage some prep work are. 15 to $ 6.00 per square foot includes material labor etc and Chennai and selling the home ( footprint,! Much do i just have a house falls between $ 20 and $ 3.50 per square foot wall... By rolling on almost immediately apart and framing it into a 2 bed 1.5 bath an! Cost Calculator to estimate paint jobs for yourself m wondering how much Does it to... Experienced painter can tell you that new construction takes a lot of in...,,no wall will be at the beginning is inevitable so charging more protects you against underbid! Own and really appreciate the information a dark wood color to a fair price paint! 3,000 SF trim to be painted separately before it ’ s square footage of cool! Residential or commercial interior painting cost per sq ft machines local shipyard/docks everyone running linear feet pricing nowadays for fascia, soffit, and 2,00.

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